Adriana Resendez

Cathy Bustos

Adriana Resendez is a Licensed Master Social Worker in the State of Texas. She received both her Bachelor’s (2016) and Master’s (2017) in Social Work at Texas State University.

Adriana has devoted her time, studies, and academic career educating herself on working with veterans, first responders, and their family. She has completed several internships with veteran non-profit organizations in the Central Texas area. She also holds experience in working with adults and adolescents in the Mental Health field by providing therapeutic care.

Adriana’s passion for working with this unique population stems from growing up in a military household and being in a committed relationship with a first responder. She has seen and experienced what our first responders and veterans encounter at home and on the line of duty.

She holds a strong emphasis on person centered therapy and motivational interviewing. She also promotes recreational therapy such as Yoga, Kayaking, Hiking, and Exercise. Adriana hopes to eventually implement this in her practice with veterans and first responders.

For fun, Adriana enjoys competing in Crossfit competitions, hiking, camping, reading, and the occasional Game of Thrones binge watch.

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