Christine Brunson CCC-SLP

Christine Brunson

Working with veteran PTSD groups for years, Christine knew she wanted to serve those who serve others. She was drawn to Tania Glenn & Associates due to the practice’s devotion to veterans, first responders, the aviation community, and their families.

Christine is a chaplain for the practice and is in her final year of seminary. She has been involved in crisis and disaster response for years and finds offering pastoral care and support to the helpers, to be the lifeblood of what she does. Christine holds a master’s degree from Baylor University and has worked in healthcare for seven years. Having served as an intern with Tania Glenn & Associates before, Christine has spent countless hours doing ride-alongs with Police, Fire, EMS, StarFlight, and Communications.

In her spare time, Christine enjoys hiking with her dog, writing, and preparing for the stand-up comedy routine she is determined to give one day.

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