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Warrior Healer

An intimate view inside therapy for First Responders and Veterans

Working with first responders and veterans is a calling and a privilege. I have said many times in my career that I have the best job ever, because I get to work with the most amazing people on the planet. After three decades of practice, I bring you an intimate, inside look into the therapy room. Treating first responders and veterans is not easy. It is sometimes very challenging, scary, emotionally charged, and gritty. I have had so many impactful patients throughout my career, so I asked six of the most inspirational ones if they would share their stories. They rose to the occasion and granted us an inside look at their healing.

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Dialed In

Trauma-Informed Care for First Responders and the Military

While first responders and military members are a highly resilient population, sending them into the worst situations where they encounter chaos and violence does not come without consequences to their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Dialed In: Trauma-Informed Care for First Responders and the Military encompasses the best practices to ensure that those who give of themselves receive the best emotional and spiritual care possible. It is not enough to thank first responders and veterans for their service; it is imperative that we provide for their well-being by being dialed in.

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Hearts Under the Headsets

Enhancing Resilience for Telecommunications Specialists

Communications specialists – our police, fire, EMS dispatchers, and 911 call takers are some of the most important members of public safety, yet they are frequently some of the least recognized members of these teams. Communications specialists face some of the same challenges and stressors that public safety members in the field face, but they also have their own set of unique stressors and challenges. “Hearts Under the Headsets: Enhancing Resilience for Telecommunications Specialists” addresses the hearts and minds of our communications community with a focus on resilience and preparation for what is ahead.

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This is Our Normal

The lives of the children of first responders are different than for most kids. First responder families carry the burden of service to others. In the past few years, this has become more pronounced than ever. Meet Christopher, who shared his story as he struggled with his worries about his police officer father in Protected But Scared. Now, Christopher pays it forward as he meets other kids in his school who are the children of first responders and veterans. Not only is Christopher armed with tools he learned in therapy, he is ready to help other kids who are in the same situation. Christopher meets Marcus, Taylor, and Isabella, and together they bond as “the first responder kids.”

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I’ve Got Your 6

Peer Support for First Responders

Peer support in emergency services has become increasingly accepted over the past two decades. Not only do effective peer support programs assist first responders during tough incidents, but these programs also save lives. I’ve Got Your Six: Peer Support for First Responders is a step-by-step guide to create a peer support program. From writing policies to standing up a team, this book was created to assist departments and agencies in implementing professional teams in a timely manner. Now more than ever, first responders need assistance and peer support is an invaluable resource.

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Smashing the Stigma

And Changing the Culture in Emergency Services

First responders are one of our most valuable resources. Today, they are facing unpresented levels of trauma, chaos, isolation and violence. Now more than ever, the mental health of our public safety members has to be a priority. Smashing the Stigma and Changing the Culture in Emergency Services delivers a clear roadmap to assist everyone who wants to create change and bring about healing for public safety personnel.

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First Responder Families:

Caring for the Hidden Heroes

Stress and trauma in inherent in the public safety professions. When first responders are impacted by the negativity they encounter, their family members are often impacted as well. Yet somehow, the needs of families are often discounted or overlooked completely. First Responder Families: Caring for the Hidden Heroes was written to help families understand what to expect during turbulent times and to give them tools to mitigate stress and trauma. In this book, Dr. Tania Glenn writes not only as a clinician with over twenty-eight years of experience working with first responders, she also writes as a loved one of a public safety professional. Tying together the clinical knowledge and insight to create this book has been one of the most inspiring things she has done.

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Code Four:

Surviving and Thriving in Public Safety

Emergency services personnel are truly valuable assets to every community and city. They enter into the worst situations, establish control, provide aid and right the wrongs. The work of public safety is challenging and at times overwhelming. Being a first responder can take a significant toll on those who serve. Code Four: Surviving and Thriving in Public Safety is a survival guide for first responders. Designed to normalize what first responders face and to offer solutions, this book is written to teach public servants how to care for themselves and how to implement the necessary cultural changes to improve mental health in emergency services.

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First Responder Resilience

Caring for public servants

The tradition in emergency services has been to largely ignore mental health. This has never, nor will it ever, work. Recently there has been increased awareness of burnout, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and first responder suicide. Unfortunately awareness is not enough. Dramatic videos sharing war stories do not offer solutions for these problems. This book is designed to guide the audience towards solutions. Many people have asked me to write this book over the years. It seemed too daunting to me for a long time. After deploying to an active airport shooter situation along with a peer support team that I train and guide clinically, the Director of a large law enforcement organization learned of what we did and deemed our response as “best practice.” This is the equivalent of a golden egg or Nobel Prize in my world. This alone spurred me to write the book!

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Protected But Scared by Tania Glenn, PsyD, LCSW, CCTP

Strained relationships between law enforcement, the media and the public have marked the past several years. This has created significant stress not just for law enforcement, but for their family members. Protected But Scared is written for children of police officers to help them express their feelings and to help police parents and police departments understand how to help their beautiful children. But the touching story can be enjoyed by all children, and used as a teaching aid for teachers, parents, grandparents, camp and club leaders, or anyone that cares about children dealing with stressful situations. Meet Christopher, like any other boy he loves sports, his family, and friends. But most of all he loves his dad, his hero, a police officer. His dad has saved many lives, and Christopher can’t wait to grow up and be just like him! Lately the TV reports show terrible things happening to the police, people are angry, and Christopher doesn’t understand why or what has changed. Fearful and sad, Christopher watches his dad puts on his uniform and head out the door to protect him and others each day. What changed? Will the fear ever go away? Protected But Scared, how kids of first responders often feel!


Firepower Resilience: Smashing the Stigma

First Responder Resilience: Smashing the Stigma

Between Iraq and A Hard Place

Pratt Bros Entertainment, LLC, a Rex J. Pratt 2006 Film In 2006 Pratt Bros Entertainment, LLC released a feature length documentary “Between Iraq and A Hard Place — America’s Heroes Return Home.” It is a documentary not about war but those who fight. A Rex J. Pratt film Narrated by Martin Sheen Medical Advisors Dr. Robert Bray and Dr. Tania Glenn Featuring U.S. Marines in March 2003 on the first day of Iraqi Freedom

About Film

What happens when a young man or woman goes to war and sees death, killing, and tragedy and experiences fear on a daily basis? Do they return home the same? Of course not. Can the changes be reversed, altered or the effects reduced? We hope so. Are we doing enough as a Country and people to help our returning troops heal in body, mind and spirit? The answer is not clear but emerging information would lead us to believe that more can and needs to be done. Much more.

Between Iraq and A Hard Place explores these questions from the perspective of the troops who need this help. If we can understand what our sons and daughters of war feel and fear, we can better know how to help them.

Lance Corporal Luke Smentkowski of the USMC had the forethought on the first day of the Iraq invasion to turn on a small hand held tape recorder. What he captured on tape is powerful and thought provoking. This recording was the impetus for Between Iraq and A Hard Place. Along with segments of this recording, the film contains personal video footage and still pictures of the Marines who are the subject of this documentary. This unfiltered footage provides an up close and personal look at daily life in war. The viewer will feel as though they have been given a private look into the lives of these ordinary soldiers who have performed extraordinary acts of bravery in the name of God and Country.

If you watch this film you will learn about true brotherhood, courage, commitment, kindness amid chaos and what honor means to a Marine of the United States of America. You will never look at a Marine the same after you see Between Iraq and A Hard Place.

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Access feature length DVD at

TGA Testimonials

Homeland Defense / Security Testimonials

  • “Once again it was a pleasure to meet you and hear your presentation. I hope that I will be better able to discuss my own issues when my son gets home and I hope I can be there for him and any of the brothers who need someone to talk to. I am now optimistic for the first time in 25 years that I can start putting some of this behind me.” Former US Marine — Fall 2008
  • “I attended a class you taught two weeks ago. I have to say that I really enjoyed the information you presented and think that it is above and beyond what I’ve received while I was in the military. I thought your lecture might be something that my family would find interesting. … Thank you again for the class.” Current Defense Contractor — Summer 2011
  • “We are so thankful to have you here, Tania. I know it can be very difficult for these agents to process what they’ve gone thru and your expertise is greatly needed.” Supervisor, Office of Border Patrol, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, May 06, 2013
  • “Pete was telling me some of your background and you supporting our military, namely the snake-eaters, so I know you have the creds.” A Chief, Office of Border Patrol, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, May 07, 2013
  • Inside AFSOC, Comment 8/24/2013 7:17:29 PM ET “I had the honor of meeting Tania Glenn face to face in Jul 2013. She is passionate about serving those who suffer with PTSD. Individually she is particularly focused on serving our Nation’s heroes returning from combat. Meanwhile colleagues at her practice in Austin TX have the bandwidth to handle any type of psychological counseling needs. Glenn has more than 20 years experience in PTSD and other trauma intervention primarily focused on Emergency Responders she is truly a Psychologist Veterans trust and respect.” Robert Reid Senior Chief USN, Jacksonville FL

Critical Incident Response Team Testimonial

  • “…Hopefully I will be the contact person for training in the future and we can keep the momentum going. Thank you for another great training experience. You are truly the best in the business.” Current Major Airline Captain, April 27, 2012

Fear of Flight Testimonials

  • “I have been off from flying since April 1st due to an incident that had happened to me on the aircraft. Without going through a lot of details I have been seeing a therapist each week and a psychiatrist each month until I went to see Tania in August. At that time I did not feel like I was making the progress that I should and she was suggested to me through CISM. At that point I had nothing to loose so I went through the session and had my first flight last week and made it through without having a panic attack. I feel as if this program has worked for me and would suggest it to others with similar issues.” Current Commercial Airline Flight Attendant #1 — November 2011
  • “I am writing this testimonial because this is something near and dear to my heart. I have personally experienced PTSD due to an (in flight) incident that happened to me in 2009. I did not know what was going on with me at the time it took me a year to the day to finally get some help, as I was having an extremely difficult time working, and saying that I love my job, my company and the people I have the pleasure to work with. … The procedure she did helped me so much, she explained to me why I was having these problems, and after seeing Dr. Glenn I no longer had that pit in the bottom of my stomach, I felt so much better. PTSD is a very difficult condition that leaves the person not knowing what is happening to them, with Dr. Glenn help I was able to get the relief I needed. I can not honestly say that my PTSD won’t rear its ugly head again but I can say I do know where to get help if I need it.” Current Commercial Airline Flight Attendant #2 — December 2011